Valentine Spam Poetics: Creational Ideas

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Romance. It's not easy for humans, and not any less expensive or easier on Valentine's Day. But while it can be difficult to connect with other humans, it's always easy to find great deals on horrible sounding health treatments and fad diet doodads and sneakers and burped-up sales-oriented robo language. As ever, there is a buried message in all that goonish compu-salesmanship. On previous instances, it has told us various things. Today, it tells us to love.

Valentine's Day Spam Poetry

I am a big believer in commenting on blogs.
It gives me many creational ideas.
It's nice to hear someone say:
Tooth price.
Marlin cervical orthosis.
How to rap.
How to rap online.
I am always searching for articles online that will help me.
I am looking for, and I love.

Valentine's Day?
I think it's better to put courage for that.
Relationship tips:
Whole body vibration.
Quantum jumping.
Text your ex back:
Horse race Canada!

If you're looking to build a home, you have completed a best works.
I can put you up on some totally insane suggestions on Nike Air Max.

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