Spam Poetics: A Consultation

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I hear the spambots singing, each to each. I do not think they will sing to me. Oh, wait, hold on: they are singing to me with some tips on improving my blog emotions. Let me get this down. (You know what this is by now. It's the same as this, basically.)

So, right: speak o spam-muse of amazing deals on sex tubes and problems at home with your unreasonable and somewhat troubled-seeming robot mother.

A Consultation

You are a very professional blogger.
I wonder why other professionals don't notice your website much.
I'm slightly sure I might be explained a bunch of brand new stuff.
This is rare to find, that's why it's difficult to understand.
Wonderful duder: I like the matter but I think you need to improve urr matter,
To make it more interesting and suspecious.
We all love travel magazines, and we think you all should buy more.

You appear to know a lot. Like you wrote the ebook in it or something.
Are these methods really woring for you?
You might relinquish it's fascinating and
your recommendations may thicken, your blog emotions can increase.
You do not want your collars.
Whatever you have been thinking about you have to express.
I hope you never stop.
I feel fervently about this.

My mother is very high-tempo. She is always shounting on me:
"You should write about the lighted John Deere signs!"
"Tiger airways!"
"Free sex tube!"
The state of it is very bad.

O add to the enjoyment of
Hen party sashes.
Thank you.
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