Slim Thug, Paul Wall Really Like Sports

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One holiday-interrupted month into our existence, there is still a lot of work to be done at The Classical—I'd tell you to search for all previous mentions of that, but because we do not yet have a search function (for instance), that would just be kind of a dick move. But there is one area in which I am confident that we are just running up into the rest of the internet's condominium and eating all its fancy cured meats in one giant metaphorical dagwood, and that area is covering sports-related songs featuring Paul Wall and other Houston rappers.

To date, we've featured Powl Wowl shouting out Brandon Backe and Jason Lane and other 2005 Astros. We've covered him big-upping Case Keenum and them over at the University of Houston, alongside Bun B and Slim Thug. And now, thanks to super-tipster Matt Walker*, we've got Slim Thugga, Mr. Wowl and the oddly named ZRo speaking on the Houston Texans. The difference, this time, is that they made a video for the song.

This song, like the others, is kind of good and extremely Houston and mostly sort of motivational and goofy—diction and diamond-encrustation aside, Wall's raps about working hard and succeeding are on some real Coach Eric Taylor shit. Unlike the previous versions, features a mean-mugging Brian Cushing and left tackle Duane Brown, who reveals himself as a cheesing bearded goofball with that Boo-YAA Tribe body-type and is now maybe my new favorite football player. So, then:

My only complaint relative to "U of H Fight" is that there aren't enough tubas in the mix. But the combination of shots of meatpie-looking tailgaters in DeMeco Ryans jerseys, the slowed-down NFL on Fox sample that backbones the beat and the heaping helping of slow-motion high-fives more than puts it over for me. I know that Wall is busy getting diamonds attached to various parts of his body/kitchen appliances, but if and when he has the time, I am really excited to hear his Houston Rockets song. Kevin Martin rhymes with basically everything.

* Apologies to Matt Dubya for originally getting his last name wrong. His last name is Walker. This is Matt Walsh, and he obviously is not giving any tips to anyone that don't involve using visors for more effective bro-ing.

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how can you make a reference to Boo Yaa Tribe and not know who Z-Ro is?

As far as I know, the only Houston Rockets song out there is a remix of Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow" entitled "Red and Yellow," in the spirit of Lil Wayne's remix of the same song into "Green and Yellow" in order to rep the Packers.

Its video doesn't include anything nearly as charming as shots of tailgaters grilling things in the Reliant Stadium parking lot, but it does have a pretty sweet-looking red hummer in it.

One of my favorite pieces to write/report was this one for Wired about the boom market in Green and Yellow tributes last year. The first of those has a lot of inspirational shots from the team store, which is pretty good (also the rapping is not at all bad, on that one only). But nothing really measures up to the goofball tailgate footage in "Houston." Not even that Marcus Manchild dude's ridiculous Hummer's wholly impractical suicide doors. That isn't even safe. Do like him shouting out area malls, though. That's stunting.

"there aren't enough tubas"

That can be said about almost everything, though.

Yes. Or everything except for Trick Daddy's "Shut Up," which has the perfect amount of tubas.