Grimacing Lion, Squinting Seahawk: NFL Logos Get The Manningface Treatment

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At the risk of getting too Terence Malick-voiceover too early in the day, it is difficult sometimes not to wonder where the internet comes from. The literal answers—servers, Russian spamlords, content farms/Huffington Post—are not quite answers, at least for the things that eventually bubble up into the mainstream consciousness. I've learned, though, from talking to people who understand the internet better than me—Mobute, mostly—that the answer is, as often as not, "a Something Awful forum."

Put enough goofy/brilliant internet brains in the same space and ask them to amuse each other, and strange and sometimes brilliant things are going to come from that. That's what happens, and that's what happened, and the long story short is that a design person named David Rappoccio is putting Peyton Manning's Peyton Manning Face—that faintly peevy grimace that lands somewhere between Purposeful Congressman and Totally Dominating One Right Now—onto different NFL teams' logos.

You can see the original Something Awful thread in which Rappoccio first began his journey to the dark, chin-jutting heart of graphic design, here. And you should definitely, definitely go to Rappoccio's site and experience the full force of his Manningface Logo menagerie. From a befuddled and notably less effeminate Bucco Bruce to the most purposeful-confused Bengal tiger on record, it's all pretty great. Rappoccio also provides a helpful backstory on how Manningface Seahawk came to escape a forum thread and wind up in the august and prestige-choked environs of The Clog, right near a half-dozen posts about Paul Wall. That, too, happened more or less the way things happen—first through Reddit, then to an aggregator/meme-catcher, in this case our friends at SportsGrid, and then the world. The internet's proceses of internal/perpetual content generation can be and will likely remain somewhat inexplicable, but as long as it periodically throws out random goodness like this, we're good.

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