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  • The Last Boy Scout is pretty easily the nuttiest film ever made about professional football, and one of the crazier films of its era in general. Naturally, it looks more and more realistic by the day.

  • Bodybuilders run wild in the streets and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jeff Bridges pose off for the love of Sally Field amid an atmosphere of general genial buffness. (It's good.)

  • Burt Reynolds was going through a hard time in his life when he made the 1993 un-classic The Man From Left Field, a singularly vain vanity project dedicated to sharing his personal turmoil, Dick Howser fetish, and a bunch of saddish Florida State in-jokes.

  • The wit and wisdom of the only new name for the Washington NFL Team that's nearly as offensive as the old one. It's morning in Raljon, MD or somewhere.

  • May 14, 2014
    A Minor Consideration

    The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball is very much not the Major Leagues, which was easy enough to notice at the Camden Riversharks' "Costanza Night." But also that's not an insult.

  • Amazing Grace and Chuck isn't very good, and is -- despite the best efforts of Alex English, Jamie Lee Curtis, Gregory Peck and others -- frequently very not-good. It's almost well-meaning enough to make up for that.

  • April 9, 2014
    Don't Always Believe

    The Ultimate Warrior was a memorable wrestler and a grandiose homophobic jerk. But for a generation of fans, some of whom happen to be gay, Warrior was our grandiose homophobic jerk.

  • Twenty years after its release, William Friedkin's college basketball opus is a lot less convincing and no less watchable. And Nick Nolte's poly-blend coach sweaters have really held up.

  • The other 1970's disaster flick in which awful things happen at the Super Bowl is not very good, but somehow is both worse and more fun to watch than Black Sunday. Having Jack Klugman and John Cassavettes in the same cast helps.

  • A tale of a Yugoslavian mule, a very desperate football team coached by Don Knotts, and romantic love. It's a Disney film, naturally.