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The Classical is an independent sports website. We make no attempt to be comprehensive, or even to offer a reliable guide to the world of sport at any given moment. We are not a smarter version of what you can find elsewhere. We're not the media. We are a never-ending, wide-ranging conversation between writers and readers about baseball, basketball, soccer, football, fighting, and anything else in the sports world we consider compelling. This site delivers fresh essays and reporting daily, along with several regular columns, a blog, and a considerate, intelligent community for talking about sports.

Submission Guidelines

Normally, submissions guidelines start off with some overarching idea we're looking for but given that we’re us, it might be easier to start with what we're not looking for.

We're probably not looking for the kind of story a post-game recap will tell, or one that debates the relative merits of Corsi and Fenwick calculations, and because we try to avoid the echo chamber, we’ll likely stay away from straight polemics or general punditry. That’s never been us and it never will be.

However, beyond that, what we “are” is hard to define because sports are all around us and throughout our (relatively brief) history we’ve found that engaging with that idea directly -- and not celebrating a single corner of that world, but the entirety of it -- has served us best. We live and work and write in the intersections of the collective experience: the joyful, heartbreaking, terrible foolishness of being a sports fan. The knowledge that can be gleaned from an in-depth look at how one culture interacts with sports of another, and how we interact with our own.

Though, for all these high-minded ideals and sentimentalizing of sporpswriting, there are certainly things we like more than others: like when writers look past the big four or at least look at them in a different way, and are willing to get in close with the weird and wonderful. We like (and want!) diverse perspectives from diverse voices, too. But most of all we, like you, love sports.

There are some specific things you should know beforehand:

1. We will likely not be able to pay you, as we can’t really pay ourselves (mostly because we haven’t run ads recently or we don’t do sponsored posts, which does a number on the whole “revenue” thing.) But, we can offer is what has been described by some as a “premium” editing experience, where we help you develop your idea from a pitch into a full-blown long-form article that you can add to your clips (or frame on your wall, whichever you prefer.) And many of those who have contributed with us have gone onto places like Sports on Earth, Vice, Deadspin and any number of other venues all across the great expanse of the internet.

2. We are largely looking for pitches, especially if you haven’t written with us before, between 150-300 words that we can develop with you, as opposed to fully written pieces. That’s not say that we won’t accept fully developed pieces but that, for any number of reasons, we prefer to help build something with you.

3. Women, people of color and LBGTQ writers are strongly encouraged to submit pieces

So, we guess what we’re trying to say is, that thing you're thinking about writing? You should probably send us a pitch: thisistheclassical@gmail.com.

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