The Clog

Week two of our quest to decipher MTV2's baffling MLB collaboration, "Off The Bat." This week: talking sad reality television with Jeremy Guthrie, bullying Adam Jones into dancing, and the question of who this is all even for.

His name is Chris Romine, he really believed in UConn, and he has thought a lot about Kevin Ollie. Congratulations to him on all that.

A periodic feature dedicated to the most heroically boring moments in baseball podcasting. 

... Well, besides Major League Baseball's latest, strangest and most Fat Joe-aided attempt to cast itself as a Young People Thing, and television's finest source for uncomfortable Bryce Harper chuckling.

The triumphant return of America's most infrequently published Sporps Periodical. This issue is about losing, in all the various ways we feel and do it, and the weird ways we sort of love it.

With Wrestlemania upon us, why not get acquainted with some of our greatest wrasslin' hits?

A new season means a new start for the Chicago White Sox and those who care about them. It also involves an extremely large American flag.